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SFSD Annual Report 2015 is Now Available

Dear valuable partners:

We would like to share with you Sawiris Foundation's Annual Report for 2015.

2015 marks the fifteenth year of Sawiris Foundation’s commitment to development in Egypt.  Since its establishment in 2001, SFSD invested more than EGP 700 million to create jobs for Egypt’s youth, provide access to high-quality education and address the most pressing healthcare issues, making a direct difference to the lives of over 160,000 Egyptians.

With six million Egyptian youth unemployed and ~700,000 persons entering the Egyptian labor market every year, we remain steadfast in our mission to create sustainable and decent jobs for Egypt’s youth – jobs that can truly lead to economic empowerment. 2015 saw the launch of the 4th edition of the Sawiris Job Competition, a biannual call for proposals aimed at encouraging NGOs to submit innovative solutions to address the youth unemployment challenge. This year our theme was “Empowering Upper Egyptians” as we chose to focus on reaching the poorest villages in Upper Egypt. We received over 300 proposals that went through a rigorous technical and financial evaluation resulting in the selection of 45 projects with the aim to create 20,000 sustainable jobs.

Investing in human capital through education also remains high on the foundation’s agenda - we continue to support exceptional talents through our numerous scholarship programs, this year celebrating 85 brilliant students, who will pursue their studies in Egypt, Europe, and the USA. We have also launched the Yousriya-Loza-Sawiris Scholarship program to add the field of development to the many fields of study that the foundation supports. In Upper Egypt, we worked on improving access to quality education, establishing 45 community schools in Qena, Sohag and Assiut and enrolling 1300 students, 70% of whom are girls.

In health care, we remain focused on addressing two of the most pertinent issues in Egypt: Hepatitis C and the shortage of qualified nurses. In Hepatitis C, we have supported the Egyptian Liver Care Society, amongst others, to treat over 1700 infected, and in nursing, we are expanding our Gouna Technical Nursing Institute – a model vocational institute set up in collaboration with Lawrence Memorial/Regis College in Boston.

Moreover, SFSD has focused on sharing best practices in philanthropic giving and contributing to the knowledge creation on philanthropy in the Arab World, through being a founding and active member of the Arab Foundations Forum, a regional network of foundations that aims at supporting strategic philanthropy in the Arab World; in addition to being an active member of the OECD Network of Foundations, sharing best practices with foundations from around the world.

Our achievements would not have been possible without our many partners, who we are proud to work alongside, sharing learnings and complementing each other. In 2015, we have established strong partnerships with national and international foundations, private sector organizations and government, and we are focused on expanding those partnerships in the future to maximize our impact through effective collaborations.

As we move forward, we will continue to set high goals, inspired by our partners and our beneficiaries. We will focus on ensuring that our interventions are scalable and sustainable and we will rigorously measure our impact with the goal to learn, improve and share.

We hope you enjoy reading our 2015 annual report and welcome your feedback.


Noura Selim
Executive Director