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Sawiris Foundation Loans in Assiut (ACDA)

Assiut Childhood and Development Association, registered in 1991 under No. 451.

Markaz Dairout and Markas Badrawi in Assuit governorate.

24 Months from January 1, 2010, followed by 24 months for loan repayment.

Train and lend 760 young people who run small and micro enterprises (train and finance 760 small and micro entrepreneurs).


The project helps create more opportunities for unemployed young people in Assiut governorate who want to start new enterprises and improve their standard of living.

The project provides direct loans for 100 startups in addition to capacity building training that helps them recognize how to do a feasibility study for their projects and how to market them. Moreover, 660 beneficiaries of small and micro entrepreneurs have access to direct loans to support their standing enterprises. The average size of the loan is LE2000.

The project also provides a capacity development training program for the association’s employees on financial management, how to manage the loans portfolio and risk management in order to enhance their skills in the field of micro-credit.