SFSD's Initiative to Create Jobs in Gheit al-Enab, Alexandria

The initiative was launched to create job opportunities for the youth of Gheit al-Enab in cooperation with the Governorate of Alexandria. The objective was to finance three projects aimed at providing young women and men with vocational training programs that enable them to join the labor market in various fields, including working in making ready-made garments, creating handicrafts, car maintenance, etc. Through this initiative, the SFSD supported the Alexandria Association for Home Economics in establishing a youth training center for ready-made garments
Farida Fashion Umaima, Safiya, Buthayna, and Rasha, four women from Gheit al-Enab in Alexandria, have joined the training course provided by the Alexandria Association for Home Economics in the field of ready-made garments. They received an intensive 30-day training, which simulated the real process of production. At the end of the training, they received two different kinds of sewing machines, and then rented a location and shared the rental cost. They decided to specialize in the manufacture of sportswear and costumes for children, where they labeled their products "Farida Fashion". They also created a Facebook page to start marketing their products. The result was that they received many requests from clubs in Cairo and Alexandria, as well as the Rashid center in