The Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program (OSSP) - undergraduate

This program is sponsored annually by Orascom Construction PLC through Sawiris Foundation for Social Development and implemented with the American Mid-East Educational & Training Services, Inc. (AMIDEAST). Since 2001, the program has been providing full tuition scholarships for Egyptian students to pursue their bachelor’s degree at prestigious universities in the United States such as Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, and Pennsylvania in the fields of Economics, Political Science, Engineering, Finance, and Management.

Country: United States of America

Eligibility Criteria:

  • To be an Egyptian national residing in Egypt (preference will not be given to dual nationality holders).
  • Have not lived more than 3 years abroad.
  • Plan to pursue bachelor’s degree in one of the top universities in the United States in the year 2021 in the fields of economics, engineering, political science, finance and management.
  • Minimum of 90% Thanwya Amma (Secondary year) or equivalent GPA of 3.5 or Very Good (overall).
  • Involvement in extra-curricular activities such as community engagement activities.
  • Commitment to return to Egypt for 2 years after the completion of the bachelor’s degree program.
  • iBT TOEFL score of 100 or above (within 2 years).
  • Minimum SAT I score 1450.
  • SAT II score in 3 subjects: 600 or above.

Selection Timeline:

Activity Period of Implementation
Scholarship official announcement 1st of October of each year
Personal interviews & Selection of semi-finalists End of October of each year
notification to selected scholars 1st of November of each year
program orientation End of November of each year
Construction Award 1st of July of each year
Pre-departure orientation End of July of each year
Departure of awarded recipients to the United States August to september of each year

For inquiries, please contact: Or Contact AMIDEAST on 19263

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External Links:

Application Process:

Application procedures, including scholarship application form and other necessary documents, are handled by AMIDEAST. For more information, please check their website:

Selection Committee:

The selection committee of this program includes representatives from Orascom Construction PLC, and AMIDEAST along with academic consultants.

Scholarship Benefits:

The scholarship covers university fees, health insurance, educational materials, living allowance and travel expenses.

Period of Funding:

4-5 years