Empowering and Supporting Children without Shelter in Greater Cairo

The project started in July 2019 and aims to provide a safe and healthy environment for more than 330 of the children without shelter. The project provides children with psychological, medical, recreational, and educational services to reintegrate them positively with their families and safely into the society. The project adopts a preventive approach through working towards supporting marginalized and disadvantaged families before their children run away and face the dangers of the street.

The project also aims to advocate and raise awareness among the society around the cause of the children in the street, it also aims to change the negative perspective around these children through involving them in various educational, cultural and sports activities.

  • Partner
  • Implementing NGO

    Ana El Masry Foundation.

  • Project Duration

    2 years

  • Geographical Area

    Greater Cairo and Qalyobya

  • Total Budget

    16,250,000 EGP

  • SFSD Contribution

    5,606,250 EGP

  • Project Status