The Training of "wa3y" program's facilitators, within the framework of the Bab Amal program.

Bab Amal Initiative - Give Without Borders - Egyptian Society for Human Development

Under the auspice of the Ministry of Social Solidarity and with the aim to combat multidimensional poverty, the Sawiris Foundation implemented the awareness training program for social and cultural development for the facilitators of the Bab Amal Program funded by the Sawiris Foundation in cooperation with the Atta Without Borders Association in Assiut and the Egyptian Association for Human Development in Sohag to produce 2,400 families From extreme poverty in a number of villages of Sohag and Assiut.

The awareness program aims to form positive attitudes and behaviors in the Egyptian family, which will contribute to improving the quality of health, education, social and economic life, gradually moving out of the cycle of poverty, and strengthening the sustainable development efforts of the state and civil society. The training program was implemented in the governorates of Assiut and Sohag during the period from 1-4 February, and this training is the launch of an awareness program for social and cultural development, which is expected to be officially launched by the Minister of Social Solidarity during the month of February 2020.