Sawiris Cultural Award Announces Emerging Writers Shortlists for its 19th Edition

The Sawiris Foundation for Social Development and the Sawiris Cultural Award Board of Trustees are excited to unveil the carefully selected shortlists in the categories of novels, short stories, and screenplays for emerging and young writers.

The Shortlist for the Best Novel for Emerging Writers:

  1. “Happy Endings” by Ahmed Naji
  2. “The Forest and the Cage” by Talal Faisal
  3. “Victoria” by Karoline Kamel
  4. “There Where the River Ends” by Maryam Abdel Aziz
  5. “American Residences” by Heba Khamis

The Shortlist for the Best Short Story Collection for Emerging Writers:

  1. “Space for Maneuver” by Ahmed Fouad El-Din
  2. “A Personal Portrait of Death” by Islam Ahmed
  3. “Replica Archive” by Basma Naji
  4. “This Is Not Your Room” by Karim Mohsen
  5. “The Days of Samir Homs” by Hind Jaafar

The Shortlist for the Best Screenplay for Emerging Writers:

  1. “The Joys and Sorrows of the Girls’ House” by Ahmed Ehab Abdel-Wareth
  2. “Moon Dust” by Ahmed Essam
  3. “Searching for a Way Out for Mr. Rambo” by Khaled Mansour
  4. “Once Upon a Time in Cairo” by Khairy Al-Fakharani
  5. “The Assassination of the Sheriff” by Ali Sayed Muhammad

In this edition, a total of 1,202 applications were submitted to the different categories of the award and evaluated by impartial arbitration committees consisting of distinguished writers, filmmakers, critics, and drama professors in Egypt.

It is worth noting that the value of the awards has increased this year across all categories, including novels, short stories, screenplays, playwritings, non-fiction & literature critique, and children’s literature. Additionally, a new award (second place prize) has been introduced for the top book targeting children under 12 years old, in response to the high demand and exceptional quality of the submissions in this category.

Respectively, the Board of Trustees of the Sawiris Cultural Award have expressed their gratitude to the writers who enthusiastically participated in the competition’s nineteenth edition. They have also congratulated the writers who have made it to the shortlists, wishing them success in the final stages. Additionally, the Board has underscored its commitment to showcasing the selected works chosen by the jury committees, and the final results will be announced during the annual ceremony scheduled for January 8, 2024.