Qaderoun Scholarship

Scholarship for Top Students with Disabilities In Partnership with Misr El-Kheir Foundation and the Ministry of Education Believing that their capability is stronger than their disability, this year we launched a scholarship for top students with disabilities to pursue their bachelor's degree from leading private universities in Egypt. Seven students were accepted in 2018 to study at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport in the fields of pharmacy, computer science, logistics management and international trade logistics. Meanwhile, in cooperation with Helm (Dream) Foundation, SFSD offered a training package to the beneficiaries of the program in order to enhance their personal and professional skills.
"Qadroun scholarship helped me study in the field I chose, which in turn enhanced my confidence and capabilities. I was 15 when I realized that I wanted to achieve something! I didn't want society to view me as a successful person with disability, but as a woman of will and reason. The scholarship showed me that what is different in me is the way I think, and I hope to share that with everyone with a disability or illness." In 20181 Rahma al-Husseini received a scholarship to study computer science at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Marine Sciences, Aswan Branch.