The habilitation of care leavers for more Independence

This distinguished project aims to improve the conditions and policies in 20 orphanages in two governorates in Egypt through an extensive capacity building program that aims to improve the overall ecosystem. This ecosystem is aspired to provide the care leavers with better choices and opportunities once integrated into the society as productive adults. The project will also work hand in hand with 200 orphans to develop solid graduation plans which should guarantee a safer and clearer future for each and every one of them. The project will also train governmental officials and volunteers. In addition, the project has an important advocacy arm that aims to revisit the current legal policies concerning care leavers and the management of orphanages in Egypt, it will also suggest amendments to current laws and propose bills. as well as develop quality measures assessment tools to be used on a national level by the MOSS.

  • Partner
  • Implementing NGO

    Wataneya for the development of Orphanages

  • Project Duration

    3 years

  • Geographical Area

    Cairo, Alexandria, Gharbeyya, Sharqeya

  • Total Budget

    19,991,187 EGP

  • SFSD Contribution

    2,719,555 (14%) EGP

  • Project Status