Sawiris Arts & Culture Scholarship (SACS)

The scholarship application link is now available here

This is an opportunity for future artists and professionals seeking quality education (Bachelor's, Master's, Residency Programs and Apprenticeships) to enrich their talents in the vast field of arts and culture. The Sawiris Arts and Culture Scholarship program targets highly motivated, talented and socially engaged applicants, who are aware of the important role art plays in a flourishing and developing society. It aims at fostering talents until they themselves are effective artists in the scene, who in return enrich their country and society with their acquired knowledge in their designated fields.

Sawiris Foundation has always prided itself with ensuring quality education, both traditional and nontraditional, is accessible to everyone. One of our goals is to ensure all students have an accessible and inclusive environment to learn.

Fields include:

Performing Arts: This field includes: Theatre, Drama, Dance, Musical Theatre, Folklore, Acting, Directing, Play Writing, Spoken Word.

Music: This field includes: Music, Singing, Songwriting, Music Production.

Visual Arts: This field includes: Fine Arts, Sculpture, Photography, Video Art, Print Making, Performance Arts, Installation.

Film Studies: This field includes: Filmmaking, Script Writing, Film Production, Directing, Post Production, Editing, Cinematography.

Study Country:

  • For bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, kindly check the list of pre-approved universities by the scholarship here.

  • For residency/apprenticeship programs, you don't have to abide by the previous list. You can apply to any prominent program of your choice and this will be evaluated by a panel of experts.

Eligibility Criteria for all fields:

  • Conditional admission in one of the approved universities in your targeted field for bachelor’s or a master’s degree.
  • To be an Egyptian national residing in Egypt (preference will not be given to dual nationality holders).
  • Demonstrated social and community engagement.
  • Preference will be given to applicants that have not lived abroad for more than three years.
  • Be committed to coming back to Egypt for 2 to 3 years directly after the successful completion of their degree or residency.

Additional Eligibility Criteria for degree programs in the fields of Music and the Performing Arts:

  • Music students should have obtained a level 5 in the Trinity College London theory examination or in the Royal Schools of Music. (Both available in Egypt).
  • Performing arts applicants must send at least 5 performances.
  • Music student applicants must send at least 5 solo performances in different genres.

Additional Eligibility Criteria for Residency/Apprenticeship programs:

  • To be a professional artist, with previous work experience in a related field. (Residency/ apprenticeship applications will be evaluated by our panel of experts).
  • Received acceptance to a prominent residency/apprenticeship program. (The residency/apprenticeship programs will be assessed by our panel of experts).

Application Process:

  1. Receive your admission letter alongside expected program tuition fees from one of the pre-approved universities in one of the previously mentioned fields or in a prominent residency/apprenticeships program.

  2. Submit the SFSD application with the required documents:

  • The scholarship application link is available here
  • A portfolio of your work must be included within your application
  1. Interviews for shortlisted candidates.
  • If candidates are shortlisted they will be required to take part in interviews with our panel of experts.

Selection Committee:

An external selection committee, consisting of prominent experts in the field of arts and culture in addition to representatives from Sawiris Foundation for Social Development will evaluate all complete applications.

Scholarship Benefits:

The scholarship covers the following:

  • Tuition Fees
  • Learning materials (depending on the universities reference)
  • Accommodation (student dorms/housing are mandatory unless unavailable)
  • Living allowance (depending on the government and university reference)
  • Airfare
  • Transportation
  • Health insurance (depending on the government and university reference)

Kindly be advised any additional costs will not be covered by the foundation.

Period of funding for degree programs:

  • Up to 4 years for bachelor’s degree
  • Up to 2 years for master’s degree

Period of funding for residency/apprenticeships:

  • Maximum one year of funding.

Required Documents:

Please note this year we are accepting applications through our online portal therefore the following documents will be required for a successful application submission:

  • Proof of conditional admission
  • Artistic/cultural detailed portfolio
  • Solo performances for music/performing arts applicants
  • Copy of valid passport ID page
  • One recent personal photo on a white background
  • High school certificate
  • All undergraduate transcripts and certificates in case of applying for a master’s degree
  • Two references in case of applying for a master’s degree; and one reference in case of bachelors
  • Proof of employment – if applicable
  • Full program costs, please provide official references for: tuition fees, accommodation, living allowance, books and equipment, health insurance, transportation and airfare.


  • Scholarship announcement: Early-Jan, 2024.
  • Application link should be available by: Mid-Jan, 2024.
  • Scholarship deadline: 10 March, 2024.
  • Announce scholarship awardees: May, 2024.

If you have inquiries, kindly check first this document of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Then, if you still have questions, please contact us on:

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