The postponement of the ceremonial event of Sawiris Cultural Award 2020, and the announcement of the shortlisted nominees for all categories

The postponement of the ceremonial event of Sawiris Cultural Award 2020, and the announcement of the shortlisted nominees for all categories

The Sawiris Foundation for Social Development (SFSD), and the Board of Trustees of Sawiris Cultural Award, announce the postponement of the annual ceremony of the Sawiris Cultural Award, originally scheduled to take place on 8 January at the Cairo Opera House.

The postponement comes in response to the decision of the Egyptian Cabinet in regards to the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remaining dedicated to this 15-year-old annual tradition and committed to celebrating the winners of the Sawiris Cultural Award’s 16th edition, the official ceremony has been rescheduled to next April 2021.

On the other hand, The Board of Trustees of the Award decided to announce the shortlist of the established writers in the categories of novel & short stories for established writers, screenplays, playwritings and literary criticism.

The shortlisted nominees for the best novel, established writers include Hisn Al-Turab (The Sand Fortress), by Ahmed Abdel-Lattif, Bayt Al-Qibteya (House of the Copt), by Ashraf El-Achmawi, Al Zawga Al-Mexicya (The Mexican Wife), by Iman Yehia, Ghoyom Frenseya (French Clouds), by Doha Assy, Ganaza Gadidia le Emad Hamdy(New Funeral for Emad Hamdy), by Waheed Al-Taweela and Kimya (Chemistry), by Waleed Alaa El-Din.

The shortlist for the best short story collections includes Assirb (The Swarm) by Iman Sanad, Autobis 77 (Bus Line 77) by Samir El-Fil, 'Solo Al-Khalifa (The Caliphate's Solo) by Sherif Abdel-Meguied, Al-Amira Warragol Min Al-Amma (The Princess the Commoner) by Mohamed Ibrahim Taha, and Kan Yama Kan (Once Upon a Time) by Mohammed Abdel-Naby

The best screenplays shortlist includes “B19” by Ahmed Abullah, Al-Nazeel (The Inmate) by Samar Taher, Hobot fil Dawra Al-Damaweya (Circulatory Collapse) by Mohamed El Shamma and El-Matlook (The Freed) by Yasser Naim.

The best playwriting shortlist includes Wadaan Notr-dame (Farewell Notre-dame) by Khaled Hassouna, Kabare Othmanly (Ottoman Cabaret) by El-Sayed Ibrahim, Hakawy Al-Aragouz (Tales of the puppet) by Faisal Rezk, Bernatanya by Mina Bebbawy and Fatat El-Metro (The Metro Girl), by Hany Mostafa Qadry

The shortlist of the literary critics includes The Narration Mirrors by Ahmed Adel El-Qadaby, Stories about Reading by Sameh Fayez, “The Visual Turn from Text to Speech” by Abdel Nasser Helal, and “Text formats and covariant verbs” by Emad Hassib., Al-iltifat Albasary Min Al-Nas Ela El-Khittab (From text to discourse) by Abdel-Nasser Helal and Al-Ansaq Al-Naseya W Fi'l Al-Taghayour (The Textual contexts) by Emad Hassieb.

It is worth mentioning that Sawiris Foundation announced the short list of young writers on December 15, 2020.

The shortlisted nominees for the best novel included (in random order) “Bayasat Al-Shawam” by Ahmed El-Fakharany, “What Remains of the Sun” by Ahmed Al-Morsy, “Random Arrangements" by Donia Kamal El-Kalash, “Ahamr Lareng” Blood Oranges by Charles Akl, and “Camelia's Ghosts” by Nora Nagy.

The shortlist for the best short story collections included “Sleep Thieves” by Amgad Al-Sabban, “Visions of the Holy City” by OmaimaSobhi, “As If the Story Is Missing” by Gilan Al Shamsy, “Long-term Plans” by Muhammad Farag, "A Report on Al-Refaeia" by Muhammad Al-Fouly.

Moreover, the best scenario shortlist included "Alghazalat Alty Farat men Fena' Almadrsa" by Ahmed Ehab Abd al-Warith, “Abdullah” by Paula Tadros Thabit, “Where Did Shakir Abaza Go?” by Mahmoud Hassan Abdel-Alim, “Hamlet” by Sayed Abd El-Nabi, “Kilo 35” by Mahmoud Ahmed Abdel Rahman.

This year, the competition received 1263 literary works across various categories. They were evaluated by six independent judging committees consisting well-known Egyptian writers and literary experts.

The Board of Trustees of the Sawiris Cultural Award congratulates all writers who reached the shortlists of round 16 and confirms its dedication to keep highlighting the shortlisted works selected by the juries until the announcement of the final results during the annual ceremony which will take place next April.