SFSD participates in the Accelerating Learning in the Middle East and Africa conference

The Sawiris Foundation was honored to participate at the Accerlerating Learning in the Middle East and Africa conference, which aims at sharing education reform best practices. H.E. Dr. Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, presents Egypt's journey of Education Reform.

Main Speakers

H.E. Dr. Tarek Shawky presented the main components of the Education Reform Strategy, which includes:

  • The new Education System 2.0.
  • The Japanese Schools.
  • The promotion of the education for Students with Disabilities
  • The new Assessment System 1.0.
  • The Applied Technology Schools
  • The advanced Educational Buildings.

His Excellency also stated that our students need to further enrich their skills, rather than seeking high scores in order to enable them cope with a new technological world.

From his Side,Dr. Jaime Saavedra, Global Director for Education at the World Bank, addressed the issue of learning poverty. Globally, 53% of Children at the age of 10 cannot understand or read a simple text. Saavedra stated that aspiring to eliminate learning poverty is akin to the goal of ending hunger and extreme poverty. In his talk, he presented the main 5 pillars across successful education systems:

  • Learners are prepared and motivated to learn.
  • Teachers at all levels are effective and valued.
  • Classrooms are a learning spaces.
  • Schools are safe and inclusive spaces.
  • Education Systems are well managed.