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Winners of the 2016 Sawiris Job Creation Competition Announced!

SFSD announced the winners of the 5th Edition of Sawiris Job Creation Competition – 2016, on Sunday, May 29, 2016, at the Fairmont Nile City, Cairo. The ceremony was presided over by Chairman of the SFSD Board of Trustees, Ambassador  Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Shaker¸ Vice - Chairman, Eng. Naguib Sawiris; and SFSD Secretary General, Mrs. Yousriya Loza-Sawiris.

Funding of up to EGP 48 Million goes to 41 selected NGOs, from a pool of over 300 NGOs, to create 20,000 sustainable jobs for the people of Upper Egypt, with a special focus on youth, women head of household, and people with disabilities.

“The 5th edition of the competition is completely directed to the empowerment of the Upper Egyptian due to the highest poverty rate of 50% in Upper Egypt governorates that include 90% of the poorest villages in Egypt” said Eng. Noura Selim, Executive Director of SFSD. “We also aim to support the NGOs in their efforts to meet the needs and aspirations of young people”.


Aswan Governorate:

  1. Om Al Korra for Local Community Development, to implement “Youth Inventions for the Creation of Palm Products” project.
  2. Future Association for Development, to implement “My Career is My Future” project.
  3. Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA), to implement "A New Future for Youth Employment" project.
  4. Mohamed Al Nady philanthropic Association, to implement "Build Yourself" project.
  5. Egyptians without Borders, to implement "Earth Mystery" project.
  6. Egyptian Family Development Association, to implement "My Project is My Future" project.

Luxor Governorate:

  1. Al Masry Association for Training and Development, to implement "The Future is in our Hands" project.
  2. Women's Association for Development and Future in Al Gharz, to implement "Good Cultivation Equals Secured Export" project.
  3. The Future Youth Association in Marees, to implement "Preeminence Hope" project.
  4. Women and Family Development Association in Rozaykat, to implement "Prospecting Economic Development in Luxor" project.
  5. Upper Egypt Association for Education and Development, to implement "Youth on Their Way to Success" project.

Qena Governorate:

  1. Community Development Association in Faw Gharb, to implement "Construction for Vocational Training" project.
  2. Business Men Association in Nagaa Hamady, to implement "Together We Can" project.
  3. Roaa Association for development, to implement "Rehabilitation of Technical Graduate Students to Join the Labor Market" project.
  4. Ana Masry Association for Development and Training, to implement "Our Future Is In Our Career" project
  5. Christian Peace Philanthropic Association, to implement "Seeds of Prosperity"
  6. Association for Environment and Family Development, to implement "Chance" project
  7. Development of People's Capacity and Protection of the Environment Association - Redek, to implement "The Productive Village" project
  8. Center for population and development services, to implement "Recognition of Economic Development in Qena" project

Sohag Governorate:

  1. Community Development Association for Rural Women's Care in Hermass, to implement "Rural Woman Economic Empowerment" project.
  2. Badr Association for Local Community Development, to implement "Truth Is in Life" project.
  3. Plan International, to implement "Our Future is in Our Job" project.
  4. Business Women for Community Development in Sohag, to implement "For a Better Life" project.
  5. Egyptian Foundation for Training and Development, to implement "Job Opportunities for Upper Egypt's Youth" project.

Assyut Governorate:

  1. Philanthropic Association for Community Development in Sawallem Bahareya, to implement "Job Opportunities for Youth in Organ Transplant in Assyut" project.
  2. Egyptian Association for Educational Recourses (E-ERA), to implement "Our Project".
  3. Karitas Egypt, to implement "Seeds of Hope" project.
  4. The Egyptian Association for Complete Development, to implement "A Step towards the Future" project.
  5. Business Women Association in Assyut, to implement "Tomorrow's Dream" project.  

Menya Governorate:

  1. Fekra Association for Development, to implement "My Career is My Life" project.
  2. Egypt's Patron Foundation, to implement “Your Future is in Your Hands" project.
  3. Al Ghad Al Moshrek Association, to implement "Train, Invent and Produce" project.
  4. Arab Women Network Association, to implement "Yes to Developing Youth Invention!" project.
  5. San Mar Association for Development, to implement "For a Better Tomorrow for our Youth" project.

Beni Sueif Governorate:

  1. Youth Association for the Environment and Development, to implement "Masar- to Employ Youth in Dignified Jobs" project.
  2. Complete Development and services Assocation in Al Fashn, to implement "Youth with Readiness for the Labor Market" project.
  3. Local Community Development Association in Mansoura village, to implement "Improving the Economic Standard & Fighting Poverty" project.
  4. Small Projects Development Association- Redek, to implement "Youth are the Core of the Future" project.

Al Fayoum Governorate:

  1. National Heart Institute Fellows Association, to implement "Improving Youth  Employment in the Health Sector" project.
  2. Enactus Egypt, to implement "Upper Egypt University Students" project.
  3. Egyptian Youth Association for Community Development, to implement "Working on Employing People With Disabilities" project.


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