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Establishing the First Visually impaired English Language Lab in Egypt and the Middle East

The Development Association for Empowering Special Needs (DAESN).

Orascom Construction Industries (OCI).
Mitsubishi Egypt.
The Egyptian Ministry of Communications.

AMIDEAST, a leading non-profit organization engaged in international education, training and development activities in the Middle East and North Africa. Its programs and services aim to improve educational opportunities and quality, strengthen local institutions, and develop language and workforce skills.

Greater Cairo.

33 months as of November 2011.

LE 726,595 (48% of the total budget of LE 1,508,085).

The first English Language Lab in Egypt aims specifically to improve work opportunities for visually impaired youth. The first phase of the project will train 160 blinds, using a training program designed by AMIDEAST.


This pioneering initiative strives to fully integrate the blind in Egypt and the Middle East into modern-day society.

The lab will provide theoretical training in communication skills, as well as practical training on the use of computers and the internet, to prepare the blind for the challenges of the job market. By targeting the visually-impaired at a relatively early age, it hopes to ensure they can compete on an equal footing with their sighted peers. The first phase of the project will train 160  visually impaired youth, using a training program designed by AMIDEAST.

The lab will also educate parents of visually-impaired young people on how to better facilitate opportunities for them and enhance their children’s capabilities. The ultimate goal is to enable the visually-impaired to become active members of society, allowing them to contribute in a variety of areas, from  politics and government to business and the arts.

The English Lab project is implemented with a fund from Sawiris Foundation, Orascom Constuction Industries (OCI) and Mitsubishi Corporation. The Ministry of Communications will also support the project through the provision of 10 computers.