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Training and qualifying young people in lifesaving “The Rescuer”

Youth Association for Population and Development.

Youth Association for Population and Development.

The Egyptian Diving and Lifesaving Federation.

The Armed Forces Language Institute.

Egyptian Red Crescent.

Train and qualify 120 young people in lifesaving to work in hotels and tourist villages.

Alexandria Governorate.

13 months as of October 2010.

LE 464,300 (Total Budget: LE 507,400).


The project aims to train and qualify 120 young men and women in lifesaving and first aid in order to be certified in water rescue.

The training programs include:

  1. Rescue training: consisting of 42 hours of training over 7 days to 20 participants per session.
  2. First aid training: designed specifically for lifeguards: It includes 18 hours of training over 3 days to 20 participants per session.
  3. Communication skills (including a special session on environment and marine environmental knowledge): this contains 18 hours of training for a period of 3 days for 20 participants in each session.
  4. English Language proficiency courses: to be implemented by the Armed forces Languages Institute over 5 weeks to 20 participants per session.

To confirm the successful completion of training, all trainees will receive certificates from the Egyptian Diving and lifesaving federation. These internationally recognized certificates represent a license that guarantees future employment.