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Thanks to a grant from SFSD founder and chairman of Orascom for Hotels and Development Mr. Samih Sawiris (TU Berlin Alumnus), SFSD, in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst - DAAD) has been awarding two full scholarships annually to graduates from four German schools: the Deutsche Evangelishe Oberschule, the Deutsche Schule der Borromäerinnen in Cairo, the Europa Schule in New Cairo, and the Deutsche Schule der Borromäerinnen in Alexandria, to pursue their studies at German universities. Since 2005, SFSD has sponsored 27 students, towards earning their Bachelor and Masters from one of Germany’s most prestigious universities such as TU Munchen, FU Berlin and University of Sttutgart.

In appreciation for exceptional talents, the Foundation provided another scholarship in 2006 based on merit in music and art for a talented young woman, Ohoude Khedr. This unique academic experience was awarded to Ohoude at the reputable Hanns Eisler Hochschule Fur Musik, Berlin.


  • Be an Egyptian national.
  • Be a current graduate from one of the German Schools in Egypt (DEO, DSB Alexandria, DSB Cairo, Europaschule).
  • Reach a grade point average of 1.5 or higher.
  • Be interested in other cultures and be socially committed.
  • Demonstration of inability to privately finance the course of study.
  • Be obliged to return after receiving the academic degree to work in Egypt for duration of no less than 3 years.


  • Applicants can visit the website of the DAAD application page and apply for the scholarship.
  • Interested students fulfilling the selection criteria can apply for the program by filling in a pre-selection application and presenting it to the DAAD.
  • Deadlines are defined in January of each year.
  • Students fulfilling all criteria will be invited for an interview at the DAAD premises in Cairo in March of each year.
  • The selection process is being implemented through the joint committee of the DAAD, Sawiris Foundation and German Universities Professors.
  • Interview reports will be sent with the applications to the DAAD - Bonn for the final selection.

The selection process is implemented through a joint committee of the DAAD and Sawiris Foundation along with a panel consisting of DAAD alumni and German university professors.
The SFSD-DAAD scholarship package in¬cludes student’s full tuition, living allowance, travel fees and health insurance.

Up to 5 years of studying, depending on the field of study and the degree