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Eng. Noura selim

The Year in Review

It is a pleasure to be sharing the 2016 annual report for the Sawiris Foundation for Social Development.
2016 has been a significant year for us on multiple fronts. At a time of increasing complexity and economic fragility, we have honed our focus on four key objectives, ensuring that we deliver strong results across them and ensuring their fit with the Sustainable Development Goals:

Provision of high-quality education: We believe in the power of education to transform lives, and in turn, societies. Our community schools program – a comprehensive educational intervention that includes equipping schools, training teachers, improving teaching methods and providing in school nutrition – aims at ensuring that children receive the kind of education they deserve.
In technical education, we are continuing our expansion of the Gouna Technical Nursing Institute – a model Nursing institute established in 2010 in collaboration with Lawrence Memorial/St Regis college in the USA - to accommodate even more students and continue our contribution to the critical shortage of qualified nurses in Egypt.
Furthermore, our 15 active scholarship programs have continued to support a wide array of educational fields with 67 students receiving scholarships in 2016.

Reduction of poverty through economic empowerment: We are half-way through our “Empowering Upper Egyptians” program and are on track to create ~20,000 jobs in Upper Egypt. This program is implemented in partnership with 41 NGOs in eight of Egypt’s poorest governorates in Upper Egypt.

Working on the most pressing societal issues: Every child has the right to a safe, nurturing environment, where they can thrive. Therefore, we support children without shelter in and out of the street through our partner NGOs. Through SFSD-funded programs, thousands of children have been able to receive psychological rehabilitation, legal support, healthcare, education and shelter. We have also continued our focus on Hepatitis C, supporting prevention, screening and treatment, in addition to supporting liver transplant operations for ~900 Egyptians to date.

Supporting cultural development: The Sawiris Cultural Awards concluded another successful round, contributing to the promotion of culture in Egypt and celebrating emerging and established writers and critics from a variety of literary fields.

As we expanded our programs, we increased our emphasis on rigorously measuring the impact of these programs. Through a partnership with the Abdullatif Jameel Poverty for Action Lab at MIT (JPAL), we launched two randomized control trials to answer critical questions on the impact of different development tools. We look forward to sharing these results widely once published, as we believe they will be relevant for a large number of development organizations.
We have also continued our focus on sharing best practices in philanthropic giving through being a founding and board member of the Arab Foundations Forum, a regional network of foundations that aims at supporting strategic philanthropy in the Arab world, in addition to being active contributing members of the OECD Network of Foundations working for Development (NetFWD).

We could not have done this alone – as a donor organization, we rely on hundreds of NGOs whose dedication to deliver results on the ground is astounding. We also rely on our many capable and inspiring partners from government, private sector and national and international foundations to team up with us to deliver on these ambitious objectives.  
As we look forward, we will continue to push on measuring and maximizing the impact of our programs, we will contribute to the knowledge creation and knowledge sharing on philanthropy in the Arab world and we will ensure that we truly reach the poorest of the poor and help move them out of poverty. We will not do this alone – we are invested in working with like-minded partners to ensure that we make a real difference on the ground.

Finally, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our Board of Trustees whose guidance throughout the years has allowed the foundation to set big goals and achieve them. I would also like to thank the SFSD team whose work and dedication makes a difference to the lives of hundreds of thousands Egyptians every year.