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Sawiris Cultural Award Shortlisted Nominees Announced

SFSD and the Sawiris Cultural Award Board of Trustees are delighted to announce all nominees who have been shortlisted for the 2015 Sawiris Cultural Award in the categories of novels, short stories and screenplays for emerging writers.

Congratulations for all the shortlisted nominees who are one step closer to winning the Sawiris Cultural Awards at the awards ceremony on 12th January 2016.

SFSD would also like to thank all the authors and writers who participated in the 11th edition of the Sawiris Cultural Award Competition.

The shortlisted nominees in alphabetical order by writers’ names:

Ahmed Ibrahim Al Sharif- “Season of the Kabak”
Ahmed Abdul Latif- “The Book of the Sculptor"
Khalid Ahmed - “East Ring Road"
Tarek Emam - "The Tomb of My Father"
Talal Faisal - "Sorour"
Amr Ashour - "Lord of the Tales"
Mohamed Rabie - "Year of the Dragon"
Nahla Karam - "On Freud’s Bed"

Ahmed Magdy Hammam - "The Gentleman Prefers Lost Causes"
Areej Gamal - "One Table of Love"
Iman Abdul Rahim - "The Rooms"
Mohamed Kheir - "The Eyelash"
Mustafa Zaki - "Birds Eat From his Head"
Mamdouh Rizk - "A Good Place for Mummified Turtle"
Wagdy El Komi - "Seven Attempts to Jump Over the Fence"

Ayten Amin & Mahmoud Ezzat - "Souad "
Habib Wafiq Habib - "Youssef Seddik"
Doha Ibrahim - "Nadine"
Mohamed Mahrous -"Circles of Happiness"
Wael Mandour - "The Dweller"