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“Sawaseyya” for Creative Learning - Banati “Banat El Ghad” Foundation.

Banati “Banat El Ghad” Foundation.

Specialized trainers in scientific and creative thinking activities.

Develop the innovative and creative abilities of street children and those at risk, from the age of 7 to 15 with special attention to girls.
Support the spirit of cooperation and partnership between street children from one side and their counterparts in private and public schools, on the other.
Provide attractive activities for street children and children at risk so as to come frequently to Banati Foundation headquarters.
Work on protecting children at risk and preventing public school children in slum areas from leaving school and becoming street kids.
Train and create jobs for 30 trainers in the Foundation.

Cairo Governorate, Sixth of October city.

3 years and half as of November 2009.

LE 1.5 million, granted by Al-Ahram Beverage Company and administered by Sawiris Foundation.


Sawaseyya is a full-fledged project for innovative learning with the aim of helping change the way the street children view themselves and society at large. This is done through providing an attractive venue for street girls and developing their abilities and re-engage with the society as productive citizens.

The project provides a wide range of scientific and creative thinking activities that are designed to attract children to the Foundation and improve the quality of their lives. The idea is to change the way those children view education in general and the way they view themselves and society at large. The programs include hands-on fun science experiments, creative thinking exercises, mural painting, puppet play design and production, Photography, and a singing choir.

The project also aims to raise awareness of the affluent sectors of society represented by private and international school children to the problem of street children and to encourage them to be involved in community work in the future. In addition, the project presents a hands-on attractive approach to some aspects of education to public and private school teachers.