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Environmental and Health Conditions in Manshiet Nasser – Phase III

Association for the Protection of the Environment.

Raising the environmental awareness to reduce the spread of chronic diseases in the area such as the eye disease trachoma.

Improving the level of nutrition for those who are suffering from chronic diseases such as anaemia.

Raising awareness among the population in the target areas on reproductive health and providing them with adequate family planning methods.

Manshiet Nasser - Cairo Governorate.

24 months (June 2014 - May 2015).

LE 1,075,000 (project total budget: LE 1,183,000)


Implemented by the Association for the Protection of the Environment (APE), this project is based in the Mansheyt Nasser and Al-Wehda Al Wataniya areas of Greater Cairo.

Due to the deterioration of health and environmental services in these communities, people are suffering from the spread of infectious diseases.  The project aims to improve health conditions in these areas by raising awareness among residents. It also provided treatment programs to fight anaemia and trachoma in addition to organizing seminars to raise health awareness of both of these tragic diseases.

During the previous phases, the project succeeded immensely in improving the health conditions for a large number of families in the targeted areas through the treatment of both anaemia and trachoma leading to countless cases of healthier people and blindness being prevented. Also, raising awareness among women regarding their reproductive health was achieved which provided them with the proper family planning methods.