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Environmental and Health Conditions in Manshiet Nasser – Phase II

Association for the Protection of the Environment, registered in 1984 under the number 3255 and later registered as a central association in 1994, under No. 263.

Improve the health conditions and standard of living of traditional garbage collectors in Manshiet Nasser through the provision of family planning methods, improving their level of nutrition, and treatment of eye diseases.

Manshiet Nasser and stable Antar - Cairo Governorate.

24 months starting from May 1, 2012.


Due to the deterioration of health and environment services in the community of garbage collectors, the residents of “Manshiet Nasser and Al-Wehda AL-Wataniya and Stable Antar are suffering from the spread of diseases that resulted from poor sanitations and absence of health care services in addition to the implications of the pigs culling.

The project aims to improve the standard of health conditions in these areas through raising the health awareness of the residents in order to reduce the spread of epidemic diseases foremost among which are anemia and eye diseases such as "trachoma".

The project provides a treatment program for approximately 70% of cases of anemia, and another for the treatment of trachoma in addition to organizing seminars to raise health awareness on these diseases. Moreover, awareness raising team consisting of 11 health women workers are trained to provide health services needed in the two areas.