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“Support” to reduce unemployment

The Ministry of Social Solidarity.

The Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS).

Giza Governorate (Talbia) & Cairo Governorates (Ain Shmans).

18 months.

LE  1,947,200 (project total budget: LE 2,280,260)

Providing new individual loans for 465 beneficiaries. The loan amount average is LE 3000.

Providing new collective loans for 1000 beneficiaries. The loan amount average is LE 725.

Renewing loans for 1095 projects (95 individual projects and 1000 collective projects).

Providing Management Training Workshop for 1800 beneficiaries to enable them to manage their projects successfully.


The project aims to improve the living conditions for the most disadvantaged members of the community in the governorates of Cairo (Ain Shams) & Giza (Talbia) by providing the opportunity for 1465 young men and women to form their small enterprises through the individual and collective micro-credit loans.

It also aims to help small business owners to expand their existing microenterprises to improve the level of their income. This project provides the beneficiaries with microenterprise development program which is generally incorporate micro-credit and training components. 20 young people of the targeted areas will be involved in the implementation of the projects. Their tasks include following up the progress of projects, finding adequate solutions to the problems that beneficiaries face, following the payment of installments due date, and working on the marketing of the projects’ products.

This project comes within the context of the protocol of cooperation between the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the Sawiris Foundation, in order to implement the “Combating Unemployment” initiative, with a total of approximately EGP 10 millions allocated by Sawiris Foundation, to create 5000 job opportunities in five slums in Giza and Cairo: Ezbet El-Nasr in El-Basateen neighborhood, Geziret El-Dahab in the South of Giza, Ain Shams, Warraq in Imbaba and Talbia in Haram district.