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Qualifying New Graduates for Job market - Nahdet El Mahroussa Association

Nahdet El Mahroussa Association.

Cairo University, Community and Environment Service Sector.

Career and Entrepreneurship Development Office (CEDO), an incubated project of Nahdet El Mahroussa.

Training and employing 400 university graduates (300 graduates and 100 Senior Students).

Cairo Governorate.

Started in October 2010 and extended till May 2013.


Enhancing individual's interactions, job performance and career prospects is essential to compete successfully in the business environment.

This project offers a unique opportunity for 400 university graduates (300 recent graduates and 100 Senior Students) to develop their personality and upgrade their soft skills. It provides training that benefits the new graduates, both in their early professional careers and in their social interactions in the business environment.

The  soft skills training provides practical orientation to the beneficiaries and helps them in building and improving their skills in communication, the effective use of English, business correspondence, presentations, team building, leadership, time management,  interviews, and inter-personal skills. This training also helps beneficiaries in career visioning and planning and effective resume writing.

Certificates will be accredited by Sawiris Foundation, Nahdet El Mahroussa, Career and Entrepreneurship Development Office (CEDO), and the Technical Center for Job Creation, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.