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The Pottery Maker of Qena

Am Bakr feels that he is lucky to still work as a potter, especially after the deterioration of the pottery shop. He explains that the decline in the pottery industry and the abandonment of the potter to his art are consequences of the use of old traditional methods and designs.

Bakr is the owner of a pottery shop located near the mountain Nagaa Al-Ameya in Qena. He has been a potter for most of his life, and his exceptional skills reflect the years of endless practice. When he merely touches the raw clay, he effortlessly transforms it into a true work of art.

Bakr has seven sons, some of whom did not attend university due to low and inconsistent income. The Women’s Association for Empowering Rural Women in Nagaa Awari has selected to support his workshop through the “Developing Pottery Production” project. This initiative seeks to strengthen Bakr’s shop and ensure its financial productivity and sustainability by providing him with new equipment, modern pottery ovens, and training programs for young men and women on the latest techniques and methods in the pottery industry. This project is one of 10 winners at the Egypt Development Marketplace 2013 program, which is funded by SFSD in partnership with the World Bank Group and the International Finance Corporation.

With the support of the Developing Pottery Project and the newly obtained equipment and tools, Bakr is now able to develop pottery products, create modern and diverse designs, and participate in several local exhibitions.