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Success Stories at the Closing Ceremony of the Poverty Alleviation and Enhancement of Environmental Conditions in the Haram City Project - Phase II

During the ceremony, the project’s partners, including SFSD, Orascom Housing Communities (OHC), Shaarawi Foundation, the Enhancement of Integrated Services and Waste Recycling Company (ERTEKAA), Abnaa El Ghad (Banati) Foundation, in addition to the volunteers and employees, are awarded recognition for their efforts and contributions to the success of the project.

The event was a great opportunity to share success stories of some of the project beneficiaries.

Sabah Imam (44 years), one of the beneficiaries of the health awareness classes said “I have lots of good experiences and things that I've benefited from the health awareness sessions; the most important thing was how to deal with my stubborn daughter without being violent and overly aggressive. In fact, I feel very remorseful because of the aggressive behavior and violence tendency in disciplining my children. It is the worst method of discipline that inherited from the parents."

Al Amir Kamal Haroun, one of the beneficiaries from the project’s economic component, which aims to create jobs for Haram City residents by training and enable them to start their small income-generating projects, said that he knew about the project through the publications that was distributed in Haram City by the project team, “I have applied for this project to work on legumes packaging, and my application got approved. The APE paid LE 750, to help me in the preaching of grain and legumes in addition to the digital scale, tools of packaging and wooden barrel. The project has been initiated with just five kinds of grains that increased to be 10 kinds today. I hope to expand the project and to have my own shop in the near future".