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Peace and Plenty in Serious Work

The Ministry of Social Solidarity.

Kheir wa Baraka association.

Cairo Governorate (El-Basateen neighborhood).

18 months.

LE 858,781 (project total budget: LE 1,026,400).

Providing career development training for 360 young men and women in the fields of security services, leather products, or building and construction industry (paints), and creating job opportunities for them.

Providing the 360 trainees with the basic life skills and positive values about work and personal ambition.

Providing training for 200 beneficiaries in the field of security services.

Providing training for 100 beneficiaries on the advanced technical skills in the field of leather products industry.

Providing training for 60 beneficiaries in the field of construction.

Creating Job opportunities for the trainees in construction companies and garment factories.

Building the capacity of 5 young people from the natural leaders of El-Basateen neighborhood to participate in the implementation of the  projects activities.


“Peace and Plenty in Serious Work” project aims provide career development training for 360 young men and women to join the labor market in the fields of security services industry, leather products, building and construction (paints).

The project also seeks to improve the economic conditions and the living standards of of the beneficiaries on the long term.

This project comes within the context of the protocol of cooperation between the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the Sawiris Foundation, in order to implement the “Combating Unemployment” initiative, with a total of approximately EGP 10 millions allocated by Sawiris Foundation, to create 5000 job opportunities in five slums in Giza and Cairo: Ezbet El-Nasr in El-Basateen neighborhood, Geziret El-Dahab in the South of Giza, Ain Shams, Warraq in Imbaba and Talbia in Haram district.