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The opportunity comes to who deserve it

4 Children from I the Egyptian foundation football team taking part in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

In the context of his visit to Cairo for the opening of the second season of Copa Coca Cola to discover emerging football talents, Brazilian football legend “Pelle” has met 4 members of the “I the Egyptian” foundation football team; Youssef Yousri, Adham Khaled, Boody and Khalid Mohammedm who were selected by Street Child World Cup foundation to participate in the 2104 World Cup which will take place from March 24 – April 8, in Brazil.

Street Child World Cup is a global movement for street children to receive the protection and opportunities that all children are entitled, and to challenge the negative perceptions and treatment of street children around the world. "The Black Pearl" has expressed his admiration for the high level of the “I the Egyptian” football team, and the great effort exerted by the organization in order to extend the boundaries of human dignity and freedom through the provision of integrated care that would ensure a dignified life and different future for those children.

Sawiris Foundation is proud to be part of this great opportunity which can reshape the future of these children, through its support for the “I the Egyptian" foundation since its inception in 2008, which began with a substantial grant of LE 9 million for establishing a daytime reception center for street children in the Sixth October City. Another grant of LE 5 million has also been directed to build the capacity of the personnel working in the “I the Egyptian”, cover the expenses of children resident in the Institute, in addition to offer physical and psychological healthcare, education and training services and entertainment for the hosted children.

Moreover, on March 27, 2013, Sawiris foundation provided a new grant of LE 6 million to the “I the Egyptian” foundation, benefiting nearly 450 street children through the provision of long term accommodation in the premises of the Institute for children at risk in the 6th October City, including full rehabilitation services, and the contribution to the reintegration of street children back into their families. The grant will also help in providing educational and health services as well as other infrastructure.