More Projects

Better Future for Youth, with National Egyptian Development Association, NEDA

National Egyptian Development Association, NEDA.

Future Eve Association for Family and Environmental Development.

Rehabilitation and Training of 400 young men and women on skills such as secretarial, accounting, sales and hair dressing to qualify them for labor market demands.

Cairo & Giza Govrenorates.

Started in November 2010 and extended till October 2012.


The project seeks to qualify youth in two big districts in Cairo, AL-Haram and Shobra Masr, by providing career development training for 400 beneficiaries. The training aims to assist new university/institute graduates in gaining the skills necessary to showcase themselves so they can secure employment in today’s highly competitive market.

The pre-employment training focuses on career awareness, preparation and acquisition. The practical training will be executed in some companies where the trainees might be offered job opportunities.  The subjects of training vary according to the market and geographical needs, including computer and mobile maintenance, sales, administrative and secretarial tasks, accounting and graphics. NEDA will do post-employment follow up for six months.