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Sawiris Foundation's Loans in Cairo & Helwan (with CEOSS)

The Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services, registered under 468 for the year 1960.

Training and Development Department at the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services.

Cairo and Helwan governorates.

24 months starting from January 2011.

Create jobs for 5000 beneficiaries of the unemployed youth by helping them establish microenterprises through the individual and collective micro-credit programs.


The project aims to improve the living standard among the poor in the governorates of Cairo and Helwan by providing the opportunity for 5000 young men and women to form their small enterprises through the individual and collective micro-credit programs.

The project also aims to help small business owners (65% of the total target group) expand their existing microenterprises to improve the level of their income. For starters, who represent 35% of the total beneficiaries, the project will provide them with microenterprise development program which is generally incorporate micro-credit and training components.

The training will focus on management and vocational courses as follows:

  • Management Training: This includes topics on marketing, competition, financial management, and future planning. The number of trainees is 1600.
  • Vocational training: This includes sewing, embroidery, and plumbing for 150 trainees.

Self-employment enterprise formation is a viable means of reducing poverty.

The Micro-credit program for the 5000 clients over the period of the project is as follows:

  • New Direct Loans for 1925 (605 individual lending – 1,320 group lending).
  • New loans for 3075 from the revolving loan portfolio (340 as individual lending – 2,735 group lending).