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Reintegration support for Libya returnee Egyptian migrant workers

Association of Upper Egypt for Education & Development (AUEED).


Sohag Governorate.

24 months starting from August 1, 2012 – July 31, 2014.

Facilitate sustainable economic reintegration for Libya returnee Egyptian migrant workers and their family members. The project will provide 735 Libya returnee Egyptians with necessary small-scale entrepreneurship training and loans.


This project looks at the situation of Egyptian workers who returned home from Libya as a result of the Libyan revolution.

It aims to provide an understanding of the uncertain future of the returnees and their supported families, in the first place; and their efforts to make a new life; and the current needs of returnees and context to which they are returning.

The project is being implemented with Association of Upper Egypt for Education & Development (AUEED) in the governorate of Sohag,  It draws on several assessments carried out by the association at the height of the crisis and provides a unique perspective on the thoughts and minds of returnees, their families and their communities. What emerges is a very human story with a sense of despair about the future of returnees – gratitude for the effort of Sawiris Foundation which previously responded to the humanitarian crisis in Salum at the Egyptian border with Libya, donating substantial financial aid to evacuate hundreds of Libya returnee Egyptian migrants and deliver tons of food.

Returnees have the desire to make new lives for themselves in their home communities, but they are in desperate need of financial and technical support to help make this reintegration a reality.

The SFSD-funded project targets some 735 Egyptian returnee migrant workers to provide reintegration supports in the forms of entrepreneurial management skills through capacity building and training with a focus on starting and improving small businesses, to be eligible for small loans. The project will help to cater potential livelihood opportunities of the targeted beneficiaries as 100 of the beneficiaries will receive vocational training for sustainable income generation.