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Job Opportunity Equals Life

The Ministry of Social Solidarity.

El Raedat Association for Development.

Giza Governorate (Warraq, Embaba).

18 months.

LE 747,900 (project total budget: LE 858,300).

Building the capacity of 5 young people from the natural leaders of Warraq.

Providing vocational training for 250 beneficiaries in the fields of garments manufacturing and car maintenance.

Creating Job opportunities for the trainees in garment factories.

Providing technical support for 80 trainees who have the desire to establish individual or collective projects in the field of garments manufacturing, and assisting them in marketing their Products through the Productive Families Exhibitions.

Providing in-kind support for 80 trainees who have been trained on the maintenance of automobiles by giving them the essential tools for basic auto repair.


The project seeks to contribute to the reduction of the unemployment problem afflicting a large proportion of young people in Warraq, and to change youth perceptions of the value of work.

It aims to provide training for 250 beneficiaries on garment manufacturing and cars maintenance and employ them upon the completion of the training, which will help in improving the income of these young people and their families.

This project comes within the context of the protocol of cooperation between the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the Sawiris Foundation, in order to implement the “Combating Unemployment” initiative, with a total of approximately EGP 10 millions allocated by Sawiris Foundation, to create 5000 job opportunities in five slums in Giza and Cairo: Ezbet El-Nasr in El-Basateen neighborhood, Geziret El-Dahab in the South of Giza, Ain Shams, Warraq in Imbaba and Talbia in Haram district.