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Ibrahim Shehata Scholarship, UK

Queen Mary, University of London website:

End of January every 3 years.

An advert is put in the Al-Ahram newspaper by the month of December prior to the deadline.

With Queen Mary College, University of London

The late Dr Ibrahim Shehata, founding chairman of the Sawiris Foundation, is recognized as one of the greatest international jurists of the 20th Century. An expert on international development, he also had an unwavering commitment to poverty alleviation. In honor of Dr Shehata, we set up the Ibrahim Shehata Scholarship in 2003. We award a full scholarship and stipend every three years for one Egyptian student to pursue a three-year doctoral degree in International Development Law at Queen Mary College, University of London. The scholarship is implemented in partnership with the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS). Since 2003, the Sawiris Foundation has sponsored three students at a total cost of almost LE 2 million, including a new student selected for the 2010–13 academic period. Scholarship package includes full tuition, accommodation expenses, living expenses, and travel fees.


  • Be Egyptian national, currently residing in Egypt.

  • Hold a university degree in law or a related discipline (e.g. political science, economics) with a strong law component.

  • Proof of academic excellence and relevant experience or research.

  • Fulfill the entry requirements of Queen Mary College, University of London, for the PhD program in law.

  • Demonstrate proficiency and command of the English language.

  • Demonstrate inability to finance a PhD abroad from own resources.


  • 1 scholarship every 3 years.
  • Scholar is awarded a scholarship, which includes university fees, health insurance, educational material, and attendance of seminars.


Upon the commencement of the program (due in 2013), applications are submitted to the Commercial Centre for Law Studies, Queen Mary College, University of London.


Following the initial stage of acceptance from the University of London, a selection committee consisting of representatives from Sawiris Foundation and University of London, in addition to legal consultants, reviews the candidates’ qualifications and their thesis proposal for final selection.