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Health and Hope Oasis

Friends of Children with Cancer, registered in 1991 under No. 231.

Care with Love Association, registered under number 5241 of 2003.

Establishment of the first of its kind care center in Egypt to support children with cancer and their families during the treatment period to improve the survival rates.

Wadi El-Natron in Behaira governorate, and provides services for children with cancer and their families from all over Egypt and other Arab countries.

18 months starting from April 2012.


The project seeks through the establishment of an oasis of Health and Hope to provide distinctive care and services for children with cancer in terms of health, nutrition, moral, and recreational services during the period of receiving their treatment (chemotherapy and radiation) in different treatment centers.

The oasis, to be located on a 50 feddans-farm in Wadi El-Natron, will comprise 64 housing units to host the children under treatment in addition to 8 units for  critical cases (Hospice care). Attached to these units there are a  kitchen, restaurant, laundry, clinic, and rooms for activities, in addition to administrative buildings, and housing for the project employees.

In addition to the healthcare programs specifically designed for child cancer patient, the project will provide a parallel training program for the families of children to raise their awareness on the methods of proper nutrition for their children and how to prevent infection and the importance of regular treatment to improve the survival rates. Furthermore, the project will organize another training program on how to start and manage small enterprises to support poor families.

On the other hand, the Health & Hope Oasis will include a number of agricultural and livestock production projects in order to secure sources of healthy nutrition for children and provide many job opportunities within the project.