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Facility Manager

Sawiris Foundation for Social Development is seeking Facility Manager for TUB Campus El Gouna,  the satellite campus for TU Berlin in Germany. It is the first German university to operate a campus in Egypt wholly on the basis of the quality criteria of the Federal Republic of Germany. The realization of this campus was made possible by the extraordinary initiative of the sponsor, TU Berlin alumnus Samih Sawiris.  The campus was officially inaugurated in El Gouna, Egypt on October 28, 2012, offering master’s degree in Engineering. The academic sector at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna (TUBCG) is run exclusively by German or German-educated staff; the administrative management and regulations correspond to Germany’s state-controlled regulations.

JOB TITLE:  FACILITY MANAGER                                                                  
DIRECT SUPERVISOR:  PROJECT MANAGER OF TU BERLIN EL-GOUNA                                         

DIMENSIONS: 4 -5 subordinates

JOB PURPOSE: Responsible for the operation of Campus El Gouna regarding building services and constructional engineering aspects. He/she is the main contact person and thus the coordinator of all services/facilities considering Campus El Gouna.


  • Management of caretaking and maintenance services.

  • Monitoring and supervision of technical systems.

  • Maintenance and repair of building systems (technical and constructional).

  • Basic operation of the building (24-hour operation).

  • Technical documentation and verification management.

  • Management and pursuance of warrantee requirements.

  • Technical supervision of fire protection.

  • Supervision and implementation of statutory provisions based on Egyptian and German requirements regarding employment protection, health protection, accident protection and environment protection (these responsibilities cover the non-scientific operation of Campus El Gouna).

  • Maintenance and availability check of media technology equipment.

  • Working out responsibilities for technical and constructional warranty and maintenance services as well as building renovation and extension.

  • Guiding and managing the companies contracted for technical purposes on Campus El Gouna.


ABOUT CAMPUS EL GOUNA: Campus El Gouna of the TU Berlin is a physical branch of the TU Berlin. Consequently, it is part of a German state-run university and employs staff in accordance with German employment law in Berlin to send it to its Campus El Gouna in Egypt. Several labs and a huge 500 m² technical hall are included in the campus complex. They are all equipped with technologies of leading international companies, imported from Germany and installed accordingly to German standards and codes, supervised by the TÜV Süd. Furthermore, an Audimax and several seminar rooms are part of the building.
EQUIPMENT: Computer and office equipments.
PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT: Normal office environment.
WORKING HOURS: Normanl 8 hours (may stay extra hours if business requires).
TYPE OF CUSTOMER: Working in-house (TUB, OHD) and out-house (Orascom).


  • For TU Berlin’s Campus El Gouna, the job holder is required to manage operation work and organize the running of building as well as all campus related facilities, as an Orascom employee.

  • The Job Holder is in regular and ongoing contact with line manager, authority dependent on requirements of Technical University of Berlin and Orascom policies.

  • The Job Holder has total authority concerning administrative and secretarial work and time management  but must refer back for finances and final signatures.



  • Bachelor Degree is a must, Master Degree or equivalent qualification in Engineering is preferable.

  • Hotels back ground is an option.

  • Minimum 8 years of professional and management experience.

  • Relevant working, management experience & additional qualification as Facility Manager is preferable.

  • Ability to effectively communicate by using English and Arabic, German language is an asset.

  • Working knowledge of MS-Office and PCs.

  • Be familiar with quality management and its implementation.



   Competency:                                                               Evidence:
•    Analysing and Problems solving                                    Mastery
•    Communicating and Persuading                                    Mastery
•    Business Analyses and Evaluation                                Skill
•    Managing Business Performance                                  Skill
•    Team Working                                                                Mastery

All CVs must be sent to HR & Admin Manager


Please write the job title "Facility Manager " in the email subject

Deadline for application: August 7