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Gouna Technical Nursing Institute Scholarship Program

With Egypt’s Ministry of High Education, in collaboration with the Lawrence Memorial/Regis College Nursing Program in the USA

The Gouna Technical Nursing Institute (GTNI) was established in November 2009 and officially inaugurated in April 2010. The GTNI aims to become a leading center in the field of nursing in the region. It offers a two and a half years degree in nursing including 3 months of internship, under the supervision of Egypt’s ministry of Higher Education, and in collaboration with Lawrence Memorial / Regis College in the USA. The academic system in the GTNI is fully in English with the availability of intensive English proficiency course in the preparatory semester.


  • National Coordination Office (مكتب التنسيق): fresh high school graduates from the scientific division who are nominated by the coordination office
  • Direct Enrolment: students already enrolled in colleges and wish to transfer to the GTNI, provided that the applicant holds a high school certificate from the Scientific Division. A transcript from the applicant’s college is also required.


  • Applicant must be Egyptian holding an Egyptian ID
  • High school score qualifying for admission is required as defined by the National Coordination Office
  • Passing all admission tests, which include:

- Arabic language exam
- English language exam
- Mathematics
- Personal interview
The main goal of these tests is to measure the ability of the applicants to pass and absorb the educational content at the institute as well as the ability to work in the field of nursing.

The committee consists of GTNI’s dean, vice dean and faculty members.

The scholarship covers tuition and accommodation

2.5 years in addition to 3 months in internship under the supervision of Egypt’s Ministry of Higher Education