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Promote the Profession of Librarians to Young Graduates - GESTW

General Egyptian Society for the Talented Welfare (GESTW).

New Central Library, Cairo University.

Library professors from Egyptian Universities.

Train and qualify 150 young people to be library specialists.

Greater Cairo Governorate.

24 months, as of September 1, 2012.


Library service is an integral part of a country's general progress. Well trained librarians hold the key to the future development of libraries and library services in Egypt.

Believing libraries are the perfect place to encourage social change, SFSD Foundation has agreed to fund a project to be executed by GESTW to train 150 young graduates to work in the library industry.  This is the second SFSD-funded project with GESTW, the first project, started in February 2009 and ended in January 2011, succeeded in training 100 librarians and employed them in public and school libraries.

The training program that was developed by the first project will be updated and printed under this project. The program includes 2 overarching categories: theoretical and practical training. The training will help the trainees develop their personal skills and those which are considered general or “soft” skills.

The New Central Library at Cairo University will deliver the training, in addition to some library Professors from Egyptian universities and consultants in the field of development. Trainees will be given certificates by The Central Library of Cairo University upon thier training completition.