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Aftercare of the female Prisoners Released from Minya Public Prison - Abdullah Nadeem Foundation

Abdullah Nadeem Foundation - registered under No. 12 of 2003.

Manpower Training Center in Minya, the Ministry of Manpower and Immigration.

Training of 105 female prisoners released from Minya Public Prison on a variety of vocational activities to be qualified for employment in factories and companies.

Minya Governorate.

12 months starting from September 2012.


To forestall recidivism, this project recommends employment as the primary means to reintegrate former female prisoners in families and communities.

The project aims to train 105 women prisoners released from Minya Public Prison, on different vocational activities, such as sewing, knitting and ready-made garments, drying and packing of vegetables; baking and confectionery and packing tissue paper; thus enabling them to a decent stable life.

The project will also include a psycho-social rehabilitation program for the beneficiaries and at the same time will hold meetings with employers from business and industries to change their attitudes and perceptions regarding employment of former prisoners.

The job training will be conducted in the Manpower Training Center in Minya, as well as in the factories and companies cooperating with the project.

Moreover, the project offers 15 female beneficiaries an opportunity to start new lives through entrepreneurship, and a small loan of LE 3000.