More Projects

Sawiris Foundation Loans in Cairo Governorate (with ESMD)

The Egyptian Society for Marketing and Development (Central), Registered in 2000 under Number 432.

Leather Technology Center, an entity affiliated to the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

The Productivity and Vocational Training Department, the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Vocational Training (Ministry of Manpower).

Career Development Organization (CDO): It provides innovative training and HR consultancy, a member of the Industry Modernization Center (IMC), and the Industrial Training Council, and works under the supervision of the Ministry of Education.

Cairo Governorate – El-Basateen, Dar es Salaam and El-Khalifa districts.

15 Months as of November, 2010.

Train and create employment opportunities for 285 beneficiaries from the graduates of technical secondary schools in Cairo.


The project aims to improve the economic and social situation and to fight unemployment through training of 285 beneficiaries of the graduates of technical secondary schools in Cairo.

It helps create job opportunities for them in line with the needs of the community through the implementation of the following training:

  • Vocational Training to 80 trainees on garment and leather industries, plumbing, carpentry, electricity, refrigeration, printing, satellite dishes and mobile maintenance.
  • Management training to 135 beneficiaries on how to start a small project and do its feasibility study.
  • Theoretical and practical training to 70 trainees on sales and marketing strategies, reports writing, documentation and data entry.