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Train and Employ Elderly Care Workers – Al Mofid Foundation for Training & Development

Al Mofid Foundation for Training & Development.

Al Mofid Foundation for Training & Development.

Health care doctors and nurses in Menia University.

Train and qualify 148 jobless people to work as elderly care workers in adults care centers or in home health care.

Menia Governorate.

18 months, as of September 1, 2012.


Caring for the elderly can be a great entry-level job, with many employers willing to hire applicants who have been trained but are entering the field for the first time.

This project aims to create a new area of ??work for jobless people, especially youth, by offering training and career opportunities in elder care for 148 people in Menia Governorate.

As caretakers who work with the elderly must have certain basic skills in order to ensure the safety and health of their clients, the Foundation will provide the trainees with accredited training at specialized centers. The training program includes subjects like first aid, infection control and vital signs, along with sessions on care giving skills and the legislatives that enhance the health and wellness of older adults.

The project will also work on raising community awareness of the important role of elderly care workers, socially and humanitarianly, with the aim of  improving the life of elder adults who can no longer manage independently, or who are isolated and lonely. They enable seniors to socialize with others while still receiving needed care services.

It is worth to note that SFSD provided a fund to support the same project, in its first phase which achieved success, in cooperation with Al-Mofid Foundation during the period from May 2010-October 2011.