More Projects

Sawiris Foundation Loans in Aswan (EFDF)

Egyptian Family Development Foundation in Aswan, registered in 2000 under No. 573.

Markaz Kom Ombo and Markaz Daraw in Aswan.

24 Months from January 1, 2010, followed by 24 months to repay the loan.

Create jobs for 1200 unemployed young people and poor female heads of households.


The project aims to help solve the unemployment problem and enhance women empowerment in Aswan, by providing individual loans at the average size of LE2000 and raising the capacity of the target groups (breadwinners, the unemployed graduates, startups, and those who operate micro enterprises) through providing them with managerial training.

The project is to conduct 16 training courses to 400 startups focusing on how to do a feasibility study and some legal awareness key areas; issue 400 individual loans to the 400 trainees, and issue 800 individual loans to the beneficiaries who are running established projects. Moreover, loans for the purpose of project continuity will be renewed to 150 beneficiaries.