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Don Bosco Scholarship Program

Don Bosco Institute

September of each year.

Instituto Salesiano “Don Bosco”
2 Abd El Kader Taha, El Sahel
Cairo. 11241 EGYPT

Tel: +20 2 4576 794+20 2 4579 650

With Instituto Salesiano Don Bosco in Cairo and the Italian Foreign Ministry General Directorate for Cultural Promotional and Cooperation

We provide scholarships for an average of 10 underprivileged students each year to attend the Instituto Salesiano Don Bosco, an Italian secondary technical institute run by Salesian monks. The institute has been a successful model because of its combination of advanced practical training and updated educational techniques. It has branches in about 130 countries and it works in Egypt under the supervision of the Italian Foreign Ministry General Directorate for Cultural Promotional and Cooperation. According to a cooperation agreement between the Egyptian and Italian governments, the graduated Don Bosc students can be admitted to Egyptian and Italian universities.

Students specialize in electrical or mechanical fields; in the three-year program they become qualified operators while in the five-year program, they are trained to be specialized technicians. Scholarship packages include full tuition coverage in addition to a merit-based graduation bonus, depending on students’ excellent performance during the first academic year in the institute.

Since 2005, Sixty-seven students already studying or accepted for study at the Institute have received scholarships enabling them to attend or to extend their studies.


  • Fulfill the entry requirements of the Don Bosco Institute.

  • Demonstrate inability to finance studying from own resources.


Each scholar is awarded a scholarship, which includes university fees, health insurance, educational material, and attendance of seminars.


  • Scholarship program is renewed annually.
  • Applications are done directly through the Don Bosco Institute.


Based on students’ performance and financial need, the selection committee including representatives from Sawiris Foundation and Don Bosco  makes scholarship nominations.