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Virus C Free Child (CFC) – Phase I

Egyptian Liver Care Society, registered under No. 563 of 2008.

National Hepatology and Tropical Medicine Research Institute of the Ministry of Health. It is a leading institution for research and  considered a national and international center of excellence in tropical medicine in Egypt and Middle East.

The National Committee for the control of viral hepatitis (the scientific sponsor of the project).

Treatment of 300 children infected with hepatitis virus (C), and the training of doctors and nurses on the proper methods for dealing with infected children.

The project is implemented through 6 medical centers in several governorates, namely Cairo, Sharkia, Dakahlia, Qalubiya, and Assiut in cooperation with the government and university hospitals specialized in the treatment of liver disease in those governorates.

18 months starting from November 2009.


Project "Virus C Free Child" is the first project on the national level to treat children with chronic hepatitis (C) without charge.

The project aims to treat 300 children according to the rules and regulations established by The National Committee for the Control of Viral Hepatitis. The HCV treatment plan for children includes conducting liver function tests and analysis, to be followed by the treatment phase using interferon-based therapy. Children will be monitored to see how well they are responding to treatment. with periodic follow-up of the extent of response to treatment.

The project will also train doctors and nurses on the proper methods for dealing with children living with HCV, and raise health awareness among parents about the reasons for the spread of the disease and means of infection and how to prevent their children from becoming infected with HCV.