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Empowering and Building Capacities of Cadres of Blind young people

Development Association for Empowering People with Special Needs -  registered under No. 1722 of 2008.

Orascom Telecom Holding S.A.E. : OTH is a major player in the global telecommunications market and considered among the largest and most diversified network operators in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. Orascom Telecom has provided the project with two "Braille" computers and 90 software programs specifically designed for the blind users.

IPPSN: Integration Program for Persons with Social Needs (IPPSN) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization based in Stuttgart, Germany, working in the field of integrating disabled, disadvantaged and vulnerable groups into the working Society. IPPSN implements information technology projects in "Braille" for blind users in the Middle East region.

House of life Center for Training and Publishing: The Center works in the field of active learning and the integration of people with special needs in the community. It is in charge of implementing the training on communication skills.

Creating 160 job opportunities for blind young people who are holders of higher qualifications in various administrative jobs that require the use of computer.

Greater Cairo.

25 months as of May 2009.


The project provides a pioneering model of a successful partnership between the private sector and civil society organizations to contribute to changing attitudes towards blind people as a burden on society, and to enable the visually impaired to have equal opportunities of services and integration in society.

The project aims at training 160 of the blind university graduates to use information technology and communication in "Braille," which qualifies them for work in administrative areas and open them real opportunities for communication and integration in the activities of their society.

The training curriculum is divided into two parts: theoretical training on communication skills and practical training on the use of computer and the Internet. The trainees will be divided into two groups. Each group comprises 4 batches, with 20 trainees in each batch. The duration of training for one batch is three months.

Trainees who passed the training successfully would be given certificates from the IPPSN and Sawiris Foundation for Social Development.