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Training of Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) Francophone librarians

Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

The National Library of France (The Bibliothèque nationale de France- BnF) – a public establishment under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture. Its mission is to constitute collections, especially the copies of works published in France that must, by law, be deposited there, conserve them, and make them available to the public. It produces a reference catalogue, cooperates with other national and international establishments, and participates in research programs. The National Library of France will send its specialists to train the BA Francophone librarians in different library domains.

France’s National School of Library and Information Science (ENSSIB) (École Nationale Supérieure de Sciences de l’Information et des Bibliothèques) – the BA delegation of Francophone librarians will spend a year in the ENSSIB school for training.

The Marseilles Public Library – The Marseilles Public Library provides services with a wide variety of resources, materials, technology and programs in order to increase the knowledge of our community, satisfy curiosity and create young readers. The Bibliotheca Alexandrina will cooperate with the municipal library Marseille in exchanging documents, and organizing seminars and meetings as well as coordination at the local and global levels of funding. In the framework of this cooperation, The Marseille  Public Library will host the BA specialists to help them develop their skills in various fields.

The French Embassy in Cairo – the Embassy supports the project by covering the expenses of the BA trainees in France as well as the French trainers in Egypt.

LE 1132000, (Total budget: LE 2132000 and French organizations’ contribution: LE 1000000).

Train 59 BA Francophone librarians.

Employ 26 Francophone library specialists.

Provide a Train of Trainers program for 32 trainers in France.

Establish a new Francophone Library in the BA which includes the collection of  500,000 French books, gifted to the BA from French National Library (BnF).


The Sawiris Foundation and the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) recently launched a specialized training project for BA Francophone librarians.

The idea is to enhance cooperation among the BA’s researchers and readers in the dissemination of knowledge, and to establish dialogue and understanding between cultures and peoples.

The initiative follows the historic gift of 500,000 French-language books, published between 1996 and 2006 in different fields, to the BA from the National Library of France in 2010, which makes the BA the fourth largest francophone library in the world, with the biggest collection of French-language books outside of France.

The project trains and develops the skills of 59 BA francophone librarians to handle these valuable books with the highest level of competence and expertise. The training will be divided into two parts: one to be conducted in the BA, while the other part will be delivered in France.

Both partners are also committed to upholding the value of research and knowledge, and building bridges between different cultures, especially those that are French-speaking.

The Francophone Library offers different services to the public in various fields; it provides assistance to researchers and users regarding French literature, offers conversation workshops in French, attempts to document the francophone world, and introduces the geography, history, civilization, and tourist attractions of France to users.