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Improve the lives of street and at-risk children – I the Egyptian Foundation

I the Egyptian Foundation.

Establish Schools for Egypt in the rural Upper districts of Assiut and Sohag, where there will be a desperately needed direct impact on approximately 3,600 children.
Help ensure the most marginalized children receive a quality primary education.

Cairo governorate.

33 months starting on April 1, 2013.

LE 6 million.


In its efforts towards empowering and protecting children at risk for a better society, the Sawiris Foundation project of LE 6 million aims to improve the lives of street and at-risk children and to educate and empower individual boys and girls.

The project will benefit nearly 450 street children through the provision of long term accommodation in its Institute for Children at Risk, including full rehabilitation services, and the contribution to the reintegration of street children back into their families.

The new grant represents a continuation of the support provided by the Sawiris Foundation to the “I the Egyptian” Since its inception in 2008, which began with a substantial grant of LE 8 million for building the accommodation and recreational facilities of the premises of the Institute for Children at Risk in the Sixth October City. The Sawiris Foundation was also instrumental in the “I the Egyptian” obtaining a substantial grant from Ahram Beverages (administered by the Sawiris Foundation) that covered the operating costs of the organization and building the capacities of its working personnel.

The new project will focus on the provision of long term accommodation for full rehabilitation of 150 at-risk children resident in the Institute. The Institute rehabilitation programs entail psychological and medical care as well as educational and vocational training in addition to sports, arts and entertainment activities.

The project will also extend services to more than 115 children who are still on the street, including the provision of proper nutrition and treatment of diseases, in addition to providing psychological therapeutic sessions.

Moreover, the project will support the Institute’s educational activities to enroll its children in regular schools, whether governmental or private. It will help keep 66 children  engaged  in the educational process and provide formal education for another 60 children in the community-based school established by the I the Egyptian, under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education. The community-based school provides formal education to the drop-outs in the age range of 8 - 15 years.

To improve the home lives of at-risk children, the project will implement a family integration program to contribute to the reintegration of street children back into their families. The “I the Egyptian” will work directly with 180 impoverished families, who are possible to reunite with their children.

The new grant will also help build the capacity of the personnel working in the “I the Egyptian” through the implementation of 4 training programs targeting social workers, psychologists, and researchers, in addition to the development of the organization’s  infrastructure, which still lacks inadequate water, electricity and sanitation.