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Institutional Capacity Development for the “Ana El Masri” Association

“I the Egyptian” Association (Ana El-Masri), registered No. 559 of 2008.

Financing of the first daytime reception center for street children in Cairo to provide basic services and care for 80 children on average and create employment opportunities within the organization for about 25 employees including administrators and social workers.

Cairo and Sixth of October governorates.

4 years effective from November 1, 2009 to October 31, 2013.


In an attempt to develop an integrated system to deal with the phenomenon of "children at risk" in terms of provision of basic services and care needed by the street children so that they get a fair chance to develop their abilities and re-engaged into their society as productive and effective citizens, the project aims to establish a" daytime reception center " inside the organization and supply it with all equipment required to provide educational, psychological and medical services. for rehabilitation and reintegration of children in the community.

The project also aims to qualify and build the capacities of the organization work team through the provision of specialized training to efficiently perform their roles in educating and rehabilitating the children received in the Reception Center.