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Advanced Seaman - Arab Institute of Navigation (AIN)

Arab Institute of Navigation.

International Transport Research Center (INTREC).
Arab Institute of Navigation.

Behaira and Alexandria Governorates.

18 months, as of September 1, 2012.

Train and qualify 300 young people who are considered ordinary seamen to find better job opportunities on Egyptian and foreign ships.


To succeed in our world of rapid change, organizations need to be more fast moving and fast learning. Training plays a central role in giving organizations’ workforce the skills they need and benefits their business performance.

With its experience and understanding of the importance of training and qualifying the seamen, the Arab Institute of Navigation (AIN) started this project to help its maritime business succeed. The project aims to help 300 ordinary seamen to upgrade their skills and learn more about seamanship.

The project’s training program gives a good overview of  maritime rules and laws in addition to the general maritime basics. The program will also include English and computer courses. English has long been accepted as the international maritime language and just like the importance of English language competency, computer literacy is vitally important.

Fifteen training sessions will be delivered over an eighteen month span. Each session takes 16 training days and has a group of 20 trainees.  AIN will assess trainees skills and when they are competent in all areas, they will be awarded a nationally recognized certificate by INTREC and AIN.