Video Success Stories


The #Believe Project is a digital series telling success and inspirational stories about some of our notable sponsored projects. The #Believe project was created by 3W- What a Wonderful World with the support of Sawiris Foundation for Social Development (SFSD) and Orascom Holding Development (OHD).

#Mazen | Better Future for the Children of Quarries

This is the story of Mazen. He was determined to work hard to support his family, despite the harsh conditions. He was working in the quarries close to Mynia. But the dust was taking a toll on his eye and his mother couldn't take it anymore. She finally turned to the Wadi El Nile Association for the Protection of the workers in quarries, supported by SFSD.

#Mohamed | TU Berlin Campus El Gouna

Mohamed, is one of 7 Syrian refugees in Egypt who awarded scholarship at TUB Campus El Gouna , through The Syrian Refuges Scholarship Program in partnership with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

#Rehab | Schools for Egypt

The Schools for Egypt project aims to reduce the number of out-of- schools children through providing high quality, safe and healthy learning environment, in order to activate the principle of justice in education, and to support of the government’s efforts to improve education in Egypt.  

#Maged | German Hotel School El Gouna

Since 2002, about 2500 students have attended the German Hotel School, 164 of them have been awarded SFSD scholarships, in partnership with Misr El Kheir Foundation & Al Ahram Beverages Co. 81% have graduated, 92 % of them have been employed by El Gouna Hotels directly after graduation.