Success Stories

The Pottery Maker of Qena

Bakr is the owner of a pottery shop located near the mountain Nagaa Al-Ameya in Qena. He has been a potter for most of his life, and his exceptional skills reflect the years of endless practice. When he merely touches the raw clay, he effortlessly transforms it into a true work of art.

The Ibrahim Shehata Scholarship award recipient, Dr. Amir Ibrahim, publishes his new article in 'The European Competition Journal'

The Sawiris Foundation is pleased to announce that The European Competition Journal, one of Europe’s most reputable and prestigious competition law journals, has published a recent article written by Ibrahim Shehata Scholar, Dr. Amir Ibrahim.

The opportunity comes to who deserve it

In the context of his visit to Cairo for the opening of the second season of Copa Coca Cola to discover emerging football talents, Brazilian football legend “Pelle” has met 4 members of the “I the Egyptian” foundation football team; Youssef Yousri, Adham Khaled, Boody and Khalid Mohammedm who were selected by Street Child World Cup foundation to participate in the 2104 World Cup which will take place from March 24 – April 8, in Brazil.

Organic farming training opens new horizons for employment in New Valley

Organic farming training opens new horizons for employment in New Valley

Waiting in the Wings for the Curtain to Rise

In 2003, when she was just 15 years old, Ohoude Khadr decided to become a professional opera singer. With the assistance of the Sawiris Foundation, she has achieved her dream.

Boosting the skills of Egyptian Conservators to Care for Ancient Writing Treasures

No people on earth should have a greater respect for books, or a greater understanding of the importance of preserving old manuscripts, than Egyptians.

Would you employ a blind person?

Partnerships between the private sector and NGOs are not new, but the nature of these relationships is broadening. A good model of this partnership is the project of Empowering and Building Capacities of Cadres of Blind young people. The project is supported by Orascom Telecom Holding Company (OTHC), powered by a German-bases NGO called the Integration Program for Persons with Social Needs (IPPSN), and implemented by the ambitious NGO “Development Association for Empowering Persons with Special Needs (DAESN)”. Would you employ a blind person? What can be done to get blind people into work? Is it too expensive to employ blind people or is there just not enough faith in them? This is a success story of building effective partnerships between private sector companies and NGOs from Egypt and abroad with an ultimate goal of enabling the visually impaired to have equal opportunities of services and integrate in their society.

Organic Farming .. Good for Nature, Good for You

Known as El-wady Al-gadeed, the New Valley governorate occupies some 67% of the Western Desert and 45.8% of the total area of Egypt.