for Employment

Unemployment and job creation are among the most important challenges facing policymakers in Egypt today.  In light of this persistent problem, SFSD has created and developed its training for employment program over the years to train youths and equip them with skills that result in employment. Through cooperating with the partners in development: NGOs, government and private sector, SFSD seeks to empower young people by providing them with real capacity building opportunities so that they become effective individuals in their communities.

The Foundation’s approach is to secure employment for prospective trainees before providing training through a process called the “Backward Job Creation Model”. Based on research and analysis of labor market trends, this model helps in identifying jobs that are vacant and then secures the commitment of employers to hire qualified and trained personnel. Only then is certified and tailored training provided by recognized professional training centers to those eligible.

Since its inception and until today, SFSD has funded more than 100 training and employment projects.